The Origin of Lake Myvatn

Having created the heavens and the earth, God reflected on his creation and felt he had done a good job. But Old Nick did not agree. He resented the beauty of the world. In his anger he decided to urinate at the sun to darken this glorious gem of creation.

This did not turn out as planned though, because from Old Nick‘s waste Lake Myvatn in Northern Iceland was formed, an ugly lake where swarms of gnats that give the lake its name are still worse and are a torture for men and animals around the lake.





Listen to the story (Icelandic):

Story teller :
Hafdís Erla Bogadóttir.

Story reference:
Íslenskar þjóðsögur (Icelandic Folklore).
Author: Benedikt Johannesson/Johannes Benediktsson.

Story drawings:
Eyrun Oskarsdottir.

Bjork Hardardottir.

Hafdís Erla Bogadóttir.

Markus Sveinn Markusson.

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